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As a breeding facility, Carol Rose Quarter Horses meets all of your reproductive needs.  The following are the most requested services; however, please contact us if you don’t see services you require listed.

On-site Breeding

Our secure, safe facilities protect a mare owners primary investment …their mare.  A mare’s comfort and well-being are at the forefront of our program.

Cooled Semen

Mare owners who wish to keep their mares at home can rest assured that our organized team can ensure on-time door-to-door shipping of semen.

Embryo Transfer

We have employed the best science to create a reliable and highly successful embryo transfer program.  Please contact us to discuss the process of enrolling your mare into our embryo transfer program.

Mare Care & Maintenance

Our facility was designed with a horse’s safety in mind.  Proper range management practices help us provide top quality pastures for our client’s mares, and all the while they remain under the supervision of our trusted team.

Foaling Services

Hundreds of foals have been successfully foaled at Carol Rose Quarter Horses.  Our commitment to producing quality American Quarter Horses is still alive and well.  Therefore, you can rest assured your mare and her new foal will be treated as if one of our own.

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