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Thank you for viewing our horses we currently have up for offering. We hope you enjoy learning more about our horses.


2017 FOALS
17011Lil Joe CashSarahs In TownFillyCarol Rose
17063AGunnatrashyaLil Miss Shiney ChexColtCarol Rose
17902Metallic CatShine With DesireColtDickson & Trish Varner
2016 FOALS
Annies Kitty KatMetallic CatAnnies Nu LenaFillyCarol Rose
Shiney Ms MetallicMetallic CatShiners Miss LenaFillyCarol Rose
Shiner JoeLittle Joe CashShiners Miss LenaColtCarol Rose
Shiner JonezTravelin JonezShiners Miss LenaColtCarol Rose
Shiner Set The TimeOne Time PeptoLil Miss Shiney ChexColtCarol Rose
Metallics DesireMetallic CatShine With DesireFillyDickson & Tricia Varner
2015 FOALS
Annies CodeElectric CodeAnnies Nu LenaFillyCarol Rose
ElectalenaElectric CodeStarlight O LenaColtCarol Rose
SparkadualDual SparkStarlight O LenaFillyCarol Rose
2014 FOALS
Lil Miss Shiney LightCD LightsLil Miss Shiney ChexFillyCarol Rose
Shine Yur GunGunnerLil Miss Shiney ChexColtCarol Rose
AlwaysshineyergunsupSmart And ShineyAlways Gotyer GunsupColtCarol Rose
Reys A ShineDual ReyLil Miss Shiney ChexStallionCarol Rose
Sarahs in TownHollywoodstinseltownLil Miss Shiney ChexFillyCarol Rose
Shine With DesireShining SparkPlayin with DesireMareDickson & Trish Varner
CSR Lay Down SallyDual SparkLook At Her GloMareMeredith Graber
Annies Nu TimeHickory Holly TimeAnnies Nu LenaFillyDT Horses LLC
Missed TimeHickory Holly TimeShiners Miss LenaColtDT Horses LLC
AnnieshinedhergunGunners TinseltownShiners Lil AnnFillyGloria Bahn
Lil Shiney JonezTravelin JonezShiners Lil AnnFillyLinda Mars
SarahtrashyaGunnatrashyaLil Miss Shiney ChexFillyDT Horses LLC
Nineteen TenHickory Holly TimeLil Miss Shiney ChexColtDT Horses LLC
15052CShiners Lena DocStarlight O LenaColtLuis Camacho
Boon San DudeBoon SanJills A Little BlueColtEleise Blake
Chex CodeElectric CodeLil Miss Shiney ChexColtLucas Ochoa
Elect A ShineElectric CodeLil Miss Shiney ChexFillyDT Horses LLC
Gunnasshine YaGunnatrashyaShiners Miss LenaColtCarol Rose
Shiney TimeOne Time PeptoShiners Miss LenaFillyLinda Mars
Jills A Little SiouxA Shiner Named SiouxJills A Little BlueFillyEleise Blake
Metallic ShinerMetallic CatPlayin With DesireFillyGregg Lafitte
Shiner Lucky LenaShiners Lena DocCats Okey DokeyColtHeather Flowers
Siouxs HookaA Shiner Named SiouxStarlight O LenaFillyGregg Lafitte
Dotted LightsCD LightsShine AnnFillyAlicia Ware
Shiner in TinseltownHollywoodstinseltownShiners Miss LenaStallionHumphrey Qrtr Horses
Sparkling In TownHollywoodstinseltownDiamonds SparkletteFillyMelinda Cresap
Strawberry Hi LightsCD LightsShiners Missy JayFillyLinda Mars
Yurs N MineColonels Smoking GunDocs SulenaFillyRhodes River Ranch
Alotta ShineyShiners Lena DocLottatimecashFillyBrandon and Sophie Buttars
Shiney SparkletteShining SparkDocs SulenaFillyLinda Mars
Sushi BossCD LightsShiney SushiStallionHoffman and Tennant
Annies Nu LenaNu CashLittle Miss Smarty ChexMareDT Horses LLC
Lil Miss Shiney ChexShining SparkLil Miss Smarty ChexMareDT Horses LLC
Shiners Lil AnnShining SparkAnnies Nu LenaMareLinda Mars
Shiners Miss LenaShining SparkMissy LenaMareLinda Mars
Guapo LenaShiners Lena DocAnnies Nu LenaGeldingSamuel Nappi
Stylish Night LiteStylish Rey GayShiner Night LightFillyLuis Camacho

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